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About This Site

Here's what I have for you:

  • Ideafiles
  • Looking for ideas? I've got more than I can use. Here, have some! They're free, and they come with a money-back guarantee. If you use one, however, I want you to send me two of whatever you make from it (or more if needed to make effective use of them).

  • Opinions
  • I have lots of opinions, too. Don't say you weren't warned.

  • Photography

    The selection is limited while I look for a host that will give me more disk space, but for now, click to see pictures I've taken as well as aerial views of Sunnyvale from the US Geological Survey. Very cool!

  • My BMW

    I've got a nice car (a 1999 BMW 540iA Sport), and I've prepared some original material about it. Click here to read about the accessories I've installed, the performance enhancements Dinan BMW contributed, how to access its on-board computer, and more. There's also a page on my trip to the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Damn the personal-home-page stereotype, full speed ahead!

  • Toscana Info!

    I used to live in the Toscana Apartments complex in Sunnyvale, California. I wrote an article about Toscana for the April, 1998 issue of Upside Magazine, and there's additional information about Toscana here if you're curious (or just looking for a great apartment with an almost-great Internet service built right in).

  • About the Ideaphile
  • Information about Peter N. Glaskowsky: work, hobbies, résumé, etc.

  • About this Web Site
  • Information about this web site: how it was created, where it's hosted, etc.

What's New?

January 2, 2000:

I've updated pretty much everything in the BMW directory, moving all those pages onto the new template (the one this page is on). I'll get to the other sections when I get a chance. In the meantime, you can view the new page about the Dinan BMW modifications to my car.

December 15, 1999:

Many modifications under way. I've replaced the picture in the top-left corner of this page with a much better photo taken recently by Michael Mustacchi (thanks, Mike). I've also just upgraded to Dreamweaver 3.0,which has many nice new features. It offers a new option to defer table updates, which speeds up text entry in tables like this-- but not much, really. It's still piggish. They didn't fix the minor problem (reported below) when opening tabled pages for the first time. It still draws the page as if the window is several pixels wider than it actually is. Resize the window one pixel in either direction and the page is redrawn correctly. I guess Macromedia doesn't read my Web site. Ah, well.

August 4, 1999:

I updated the Toscana page to reflect my departure from that complex. I also updated the E39 OBC page. There's also a new page about my day at the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Check it out!

May 9, 1999:

Another new page about my car describes the installation of a Valentine One radar detector.

March 21, 1999:

I've added a couple of pages about my car, including photographs and details about the (minor) modifications I've made to it.

December 21, 1998:

I've added a lot of new photographs taken on my trip to Germany to pick up my new car. The trip was a lot of fun. I've provided pictures of the car itself (a 1999 BMW 540iA Sport), my girlfriend, and a wide variety of things we saw there.

November 22, 1998:

I'm still working to update the site, but it's slow going. I'm satisfied with the new format, it's just a matter of replacing all the old pages.

Some other things I learned recently:

Strangest thing I've ever seen in Netscape (Mac v3.04): Down at the bottom of this page is a Javascript object designed to display the last-modified date for the current page. If there's a horizontal rule in the same table cell with it, the script won't run. To deal with this problem, I've moved the horizontal rules into their own table rows. This is just ridiculous.

Dreamweaver 2 (at least the beta release build 286, which I'm using now) has some major improvements over 1.2. It knows about table-cell backgrounds, for example. It's got much better site-management features, too. It's no faster, though; type a sentence fast and it'll drop characters. C'mon, Macromedia... there's still no excuse for this. It also formats pages incorrectly the first time they're opened, as if it's wrapping text to the right border of the window, rather than the inside edge of the vertical scroll bar. This is probably fixable.

I've moved the old What's New? material to the What's Old? page.




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