(I guarantee these ideas are worth what you pay me for them!)

Why am I publishing these ideas?

Yes, I know some of these ideas could be worth a lot of money. However, most of them aren't worth the magnetic flux domains they're stored in. I'm hoping that somewhere out on the net, there might be someone who can separate the good ones from the bad ones. Feel free to use them if you want to, but if you end up selling anything that incorporates one of these ideas, you have to give me two. Or however many I need to actually use the product.

Of course, there might be a more immediate benefit to perusing these ideas: It might spark other ideas in your own mind. If so, congratulations. I'd love to hear about your ideas, too... feel free to click on the email link at the very bottom of each page. If you'd like, I'll even add your ideas to the collection here.

A caveat: Other people may have had these ideas before. I'm not deliberately stealing anyone else's work here, but you've probably heard that old expression, "Great Minds Think Alike". Some of these ideas may even be patented, so before you use them, check it out.

Another caveat: Many of the links in these categories don't even go anywhere! In many (currently "almost all") cases, I've provided only a quick summary description of the idea. I hope this is useful to you for the time being, and I'll write up the details as I have time. If you're especially interested in one topic or another, let me know, and I'll take those requests into consideration when I decide what to do next.

So, on to the ideafiles! There are multiple categories, and lots of overlap. The ideafiles themselves have unique filenames so you don't have to worry about one file deleting another as you download and save these valuable documents. Well, okay, they're valuable to me, but you'll have to make up your own mind. :-)

Application Software

Computer System Design

Consumer Electronics

Electronic Components

Industrial Products

Invention Assistance

Mechanical Devices

Networking and the Internet

Operating Systems

Processor Design


All of the Ideafiles in numeric order

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