An Informal Seminar on Politics

By Peter N. Glaskowsky

(Political Scientist Without Portfolio)

Why politics?

Broadly speaking, there are three kinds of philosophy:

1) The kind that involves nobody: logic and metaphysics
2) the kind that involves one person: epistemology, aesthetics, and ethics
3) the kind that involves more than one person: politics.

I'm going to dismiss those first two kinds of philosophy in Topics 1 and 2 below. They're critically important but not really complex enough to be worth much attention.

I've also got a few modest proposals on specific ways we can improve the operation of our political system.


Ideafiles about politics:


What's next, religion?

Hey, you never know... I've heard religion is important to some people. Seems pretty straightforward to me. Maybe someday I'll spend a few minutes and explain it to you.

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